PM Khan Directs to Build 40-acre “Software City” in Islamabad

software city

PM Khan is bent on introducing sweeping changes in the country. Keeping this determination in mind, the prime minister has directed for the establishment of a huge 40-acre “software city” in Islamabad.

In a meeting that was held with high-profile officials of the IT Ministry on Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the arrangement of ways in which the IT sector of Pakistan could be further strengthened. His vision is to enhance the IT exports of the country to $10 billion over the long term.

Regarding this, a set of key decisions were made which were aimed at surging the contribution of Pakistan to the global IT domain. One of the most major decision taken was centred around the making of a software city spanning on an area of 40 acres in the federal capital.

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The establishment would be hosting the technology initiatives and firms hence giving them a platform having state-of-the-art facilities to continue with the development and investment in their growth. The focus on the software initiatives is crucial as they would be among the biggest drivers of growth in the IT contributions of Pakistan.

Moreover, the federal government would also be launching a relief package for the small scale software exporters for assisting them further in their development.

Other significant developments were the decision of abolishing the double tax imposed on the software exporters by both the provincial and federal governments. These exporters would also be supplied with foreign currency at a rate that is lower than that of the market.

Another important aspect that was considered was to build a digital connection between the far-flung and remote cities.

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