PM Khan Directs for On-Time Completion of CPEC Projects

CPEC Projects

PM Khan has asked for the on-time completion of CPEC projects. He has asked the authorities to accelerate the completion of the continued projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He gave these directives while offering a high-level review meeting in the federal capital the other day about the progress on the different CPEC projects.

PM Khan emphasized the need to take full benefit from the Chinese experience in the social sectors, particularly in the elimination of poverty and agriculture. The prime minister gave directions to the CPEC Authority for accelerating the imposition of the different projects in the second phase of CPEC.

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Earlier it was in reports, that Pakistan would be constructing the mega strategic reserves under the CPEC project.

The government is working on a multi-networked strategy for the development of the gas storage facilities, which the country lacks for the provision of smooth supply of the item, especially during the peak seasons of summer and winter seasons.

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