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PM Khan directs authorities to Abolish around 150 Licenses for Small Traders


Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the authorities to abolish around 150 licenses that are needed for different business purposes at the local level for small traders. The aim is to provide relief to the small traders.

He chaired a meeting on the licensing regimes in the provinces and directed the provincial governments to eliminate 74 various licenses of this nature to make the mandatory licenses procedure simpler. Also, they want to launch an automated system using modern technology.

Khan was concerned about the complex licensing regime. He said that the necessity of licenses for different businesses including grocery, cloth, and bakery is creating hurdles for the general public. He stressed that the process of eliminating unnecessary licenses should be completed in 30 days.

The PM said that the government intends to transform Pakistan into an industrial power. He gave the assurance that the government and its economic team will provide all the facilities to support the industrialists.

This meeting was attended by the Minister for Energy Omar Ayub Khan, Adviser on Commerce Abdul Razzak Dawood, Chairman Investment Board Syed Zubair Gilani and Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Syed Shabbar Zaidi.

The delegation proposed to the PM that an open house should be held for hearing the issues faced by the industrialists to which Khan directed the FBR chairman to hold an open house each Monday.

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The investment in the information technology, Halal food and medicines were appreciated by the Prime Minister. He directed the concerned authorities to provide all kinds of facilities in this regard. Proposals were given by the delegation over gas and power supply to industries, tax refunds, renewal of almost dead industrial units, SEZs and export enhancement.  

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