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PM Khan Decides to Set up Govt. Business Watch Cell

Govt. Business Watch Cell

As per the reports of local media, in order to regain the confidence of the public in the parliament, PM Khan has taken the decision of setting up a government business watch cell.

As per the shared details, under the newly to be established watch cell, legislative bills about the public welfare will be handled and considered on a preferential basis in the parliament.

Babar Awan, the advisor to the PM on Parliamentary Affairs has been given the significant task for meaningful legislation in the house, as revealed by the sources.

PM Khan also asked the ministries to take steps on war footing for completing the process of legislation on the bills that have been pending.

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It is important to mention that Babar Awan, during a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, had given him a briefing on the constitutional aspects of the 5 various ordinances.

He gave briefing to PM Khan on the CPEC, NAB ordinance, the women’s share in inheritence and maritime. The implementation period of the ordinances will be expiring on the 18th of this month.

Previously, considering the surge in the coronavirus cases in the country PM Khan announed to extend the current on-going lockdown in the country for further 2 weeks.

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