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PM Khan Considers his Wife a Blessing


Prime Minister Imran Khan while conversing with a private news channel on Saturday said that his wife Bushra Bibi is a blessing to him from Almighty Allah and he promised to remain with her till his last breath.

He said this while he was commenting on his marital life.

PM Khan denied all the rumours pertaining to his marital life.

Previously, Bushra Bibi the first lady during her interview with a private Television channel, some months back, referred to Prime Minister Imran Khan as a leader rather than just some random politician. She said that indeed Imran Khan is a simple man who is free of greed and lust.

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Bushra Bibi added that only Khan could bring the desired changes in Pakistan however that requires time.

Regarding the first lady’s choice of wearing hijab, she said that it is her personal matter and her own willingness. She said that the ones who do not feel like wearing hijab must not do so.

It is pertinent to mention that her hijab taking attribute has been a source of great inspiration among all. She has been lauded and appreciated for standing firm by her personal choice.

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