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PM Khan Blames Britishers For Destroying The Education System

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While reviewing the past of Muslims in the education field, Imran khan said that the British people are the ones who destroyed the education system.

He said these words at a prize distribution ceremony of seminary students held on Wednesday in Islamabad.

The government has now planned on synchronizing the whole education system in order to create social harmony in our country, as informed by the Prime Minister. For that, changes are being introduced in the system to help in raising the lower level of the society along with the provision of equal opportunities to growth and development.

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The PM said that there are three types of education systems operating presently that are leading to injustices and division in our society. According to him, a uniform curriculum has been designed to provide equal opportunities to all the graduates so that they could grow well in their practical lives.

Prime Minister Imran Khan ensured that according to the new education system, the graduates would be given a proper understanding of religion, technology, and science.

He also highlighted the importance of education by saying that Islam has laid special emphasis on education. In today’s world Muslims are weak due to the lack of education. And our religion Islam mainly focused on this point that society will not be able to progress without education.

Lastly, he added that the British rulers are the main culprits for putting an end to the education system of Muslims.

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