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PM Khan Bears Banigala Residence Expenses from Pocket

Banigala residence

On Monday the Prime Minister of Pakistan—Imran Khan unveiled that he is saving the nation’s money worth millions of rupees by opting to live at his own Banigala residence instead of living in the PM-House.

He added that he bears all these expenses of his house himself and has spent Rs6million from his pocket on his residence.

He further added that the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has saved Rs350million of the Prime Minister’s Office via strict measures.

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PM Khan went on and said that he did not have camp offices or whatsoever as opposed to Sharif brothers who have got multiple of them on which money was spent from the government’s budget.

The Prime Minister said that the barbed wire that is there at Banigala is there to assure the security of the residence and was bought from the party fund while he constructed the road leading to his residence from his own pocket by selling a gift.

Imran Khan said that he also bears expenses of his house at the Zaman Park while the Sharifs spent Rs350million just on entertainment.

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