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PM Khan Asks to have Cleaner Petrol and CNG Stations

Cleaner Petrol and CNG Stations

PM Khan wants cleaner petrol and CNG stations.

Prime Minister—Imran Khan has taken notice of the cleanliness situation of the CNG stations and petrol pumps throughout the nation.

It is important to mention here that there is dire need to have cleanliness everywhere, especially in the areas where there is always a rush of people in order to restrict the chances of spreading diseases.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority—OGRA has drafted a letter to the chief secretaries of all the 4 provinces. The chief secretaries have been told to inspect the cleanliness of all the stations.

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The oil regulatory authority has asked all the oil marketing firms that they should assure that proper cleanliness is being observed and practiced across the petrol pumps and CNG stations.

OGRA would be sending teams for inspecting the petrol pumps and CNG stations conditions.

As per the recent development, Pakistan Railways has reduced the fare prices of Jinnah Express just for today that is October 15.

The Minister for Railways informed that new coaches of economy category are being added to the train for providing ease to the passengers.

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