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PM Khan Asks PTV to Broadcast Turkish Drama “Ertugrul” in Urdu

Turkish Drama

Prime Minister Imran Khan has given order to the Pakistan Television Cooperation—PTV to broadcast the Turkish drama—Ertugrul in Urdu.

Iftikhar Durrani—the Special Assistant to the PM on Media Affairs took it to social media website Twitter and tweeted that PM Khan has instructed the PTV to broadcast drama series Ertugrul in Urdu.

As per the reports of Arab News, the drama would soon be on air on PTV after being dubbed in the Urdu language. PTV has gotten exclusive rights for dubbing and screening the drama serial in Pakistan and voice actors for the drama have been selected.

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Back in the month of September, PM Khan has made the announcement that Pakistan, Malaysia and Turkey have taken the decisions of launching the joint English Channel to counter Islamophobia.

PM Khan took it to Twitter and wrote that the President of Turkey—President Erdogan, the Malaysian PM and himself had a meeting today in which they took the decision of jointly starting an English language channel dedicated to confronting the issues faced by Islamophobia and setting the record straight in Islam.

He added that the English Channel would be producing films on the Muslim history to educate their own property and world, the issue of blasphemy would be properly contextualized, Muslims would be offered a dedicated media presence.

As per the latest development, the Chief Minister of KP has given approval for the construction of the motorway project for the Southern districts and has made the announcement that the government would soon be starting the Peshawar-DI motorway.

He also said that the completion of this motorway project would change the destiny of the Southern districts.

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