PM Khan Asks for Proposals to Introduce Corporate Farming

Imran Khan

On Saturday, Prime Minister Imran Khan invited proposals from all industrialists in order to launch corporate farming at a larger scale to modernize agriculture and to improve the production of crops.

The reports stated that Imran Khan asked for proposals from the top industrialists of Pakistan in Islamabad during a meeting. In the session, he added that prosperity and national development are connected with the development of the business community.   

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According to the PM, the government has added the proposals of the industrialists in the policy-making. Also, the proposals have started producing good results.

Moreover, Imran Khan directed to solve the problems which are being faced by the industrialists in the exporting of their goods.

On the other hand, the delegation in the meeting thanked the Prime Minister and stated that the sponsorship provided by the government for the business community has started giving out good results.

As per the delegation, the foreign exchange reserves have reached up to the highest level which in a way replicates Pakistan’s economic firmness. Furthermore, the excess current account is also a welcome sign.

They also underlined the fact that the demand for cement is always the highest in Pakistan’s history because of the promotion of construction activities. The delegation also looked satisfied with the government’s policies and moreover, they also put forward proposals for the development of the country’s economy.

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