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PM Khan Announces Relief Package to Counter Inflation

Relief Package

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced another relief package of Rs.15 billion in order to counter the increasing inflation in our country.

To pursue this initiative different meetings were also held which the prime minister chaired himself. Many important measures were a part of the discussion during these meetings to figure out a way to control the wild inflation.

A decision has been made that Rs.15 billion will be utilized in providing an endless supply of household commodities in the utility stores all over the country. These essential supplies include; rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, pulses and other edibles on subsidized rates.

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There can be no manipulation of the price of the commodities as the district and city administration has been mobilized to keep a check on the prices of grocery items.

50,000 tandoors have been registered in the country that will be provided with wheat at controlled rates by the government ensuring a reduction in the price of roti.

As per the reports of local media, the MD utility stores corporation has given confirmation about the approval of the relief package. He said that the new package is very different from the old one released in January by the Prime Minister.

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