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PM Inaugurates Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme

Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme

Prime Minister—Imran Khan has inaugurated the Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme on Thursday for attracting investment from the overseas Pakistanis to assist in strengthening the national economy.

While addressing the ceremony, Imran Khan said that the efforts of Asad Umar—the Finance Minister, his team and the Governor of State Bank of Pakistan and others for this scheme are appreciable.

He said that he wishes this scheme was introduced earlier however the timings of everything are in the hands of Allah. He added that may this be the perfect time for this newly launched scheme.

He further said that Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme would not just boost Pakistan but would also produce profits for the overseas Pakistanis.

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PM Khan said that the overseas Pakistanis are always on the frontline of the national causes. He also applauded the expat Pakistanis. He said that the overseas Pakistanis would be taking returns in Dollars however he is hopeful that they will take returns in Pakistani Rupees also.

 He added that he is well aware that how Pakistanis are treated after the incident of 9/11. He further said that however now we would be working to boost the country. He said that all the foreign policy would be made to the favour of the country. He stated that the whole world would give respect to the green passport.

As per the official Twitter handle of Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, the Pakistan Banao Certificates is the first step of its kind for the overseas Pakistanis. They would be getting a unique chance to safely make investment of their savings with higher profit rates than those of Europe, Gulf countries and America while assisting to make a prosperous Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis would be able to make profits via making investments in the certificates.

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