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PM Inaugurates National Poverty Graduation Program

National Poverty Graduation Program

The National Poverty Graduation Program has been inaugurated by the Prime Minister Imran Khan officially. The program would provide the underprivileged with the interest-free loans for combating with poverty.

An inauguration ceremony was held in the federal capital on Friday. While addressing the ceremony, Imran Khan said that the program would operate under the shelter of the Ehsas Program.

Nearly 80,000 people, would be given the interest-free loans for establishing a small business. This would provide them with the needed boost for fighting poverty.

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The PM criticized the ex-rulers who instead of providing ease to the masses while they had power, worked on serving their own interests and completely destroyed the country’s economy.

PM Khan added that in Naya Pakistan, the government would abide by the Chinese model to erase the threat of poverty.

China has shown how it is done. They have brought at least 700 million people out of poverty in the span of more than 30 years.

He mentioned that this step is anticipated to change the way people think and help in uplifting their condition.

The Prime Minister distributed cheques of interest-free loans among the attendees of the ceremony, belonging to the underprivileged class.

PM Khan concluded the ceremony by offering 3 to 10percent rewards to all who identified a benami asset owned by a Pakistani citizen. He also said that the amount gathered from the benami properties would be used for the Ehsas program.

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