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PM Inaugurated A Shelter Home in The Federal Capital

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Imran Khan—Prime Minister inaugurated the Panah Gah—a shelter home in the federal capital. The shelter home is built by the government for the homeless and needy people here at Tarlai area of Islamabad. It was inaugurated on Wednesday.

The prime minister also gave a visit to the different sections of the shelter home, which included the kitchen, sleeping area and the dining room. He also visited the dispensary which would be looking after the primary medical needs of the ones using the shelter home facility.

He also expressed his satisfaction over the provided facilities at the shelter home and instructed that efforts should be made for giving ease to the homeless people.

The prime minister also instructed the administration to operate a transport service for picking the poor people, who spend their nights on roads and streets, footpaths, bus terminals and other such places and bringing them to the shelter home.

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The government has also built shelter homes, in the cities of Lahore and Peshawar and plans to set up more such facilities for the homeless people in other big cities.

With the advent of winter season, the PM has instructed the government of Punjab to establish tents for the homeless people.

Some weeks back, the prime minister inaugurated the shelter homes in Peshawar. The shelter homes had been built by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under its 100-day plan.

As per the reports of Radio Pakistan, 432 people would be accommodated in the shelter homes where they would also be given food.

The objective behind the project was to restore the self-respect of the homeless people. It is also focused at extending the circle of social responsibility by the government and citizens.

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