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PM Imran Khan Inaugurated the “Pakistan Citizen Portal”

The Prime Minister—Imran Khan on Sunday inaugurated the “Pakistan Citizen Portal” in the federal capital.

While addressing on the occasion he said that the government is working for the improvement of the governance structure for making the future of the country prosperous.

The prime minister said that Pakistan has got great potential and that there is just the need of working hard for making the country better.

He further said that “Naya Pakistan” would only be formed when people start taking responsibility for following the system and believing in it once they start to have confidence in the government.

Imran Khan said that the native development of this application is applaudable and it shows that the old colonial mindset has been changed with the accountability for all including the government, public servants and politicians.

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He said that the Pakistan Citizen Portal would make the government understand the performance of ministries and departments. Also, the future policies would be made after the response and feedback from the general public. Imran Khan further said that it would also provide a better voice to the abroad Pakistanis and expatriates.

The PM said that the policy is to improve the simplicity of doing business for attracting the foreign investment in the country which would help the economy. He said he would get a report on a weekly basis for checking up on the performance of the different government departments.

He also said that the reward and punishment system in the public sector would also become simple with the introduction of this system and the promotions of the government servants would be judged on the basis of their performance

Pakistan Citizen Portal has been established with the objective to timely address the issues of the people and get their feedback. The portal would be used for sending complaints and suggestions to the PM office directly.

The PM office would oversee the process of managing public complaints.

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