PM Imran Khan becomes 6th Most Popular Leader on Twitter


With 10.5 million or 10,471,650 current followers on Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the 6th most popular leader on Twitter.

Following the fiery, honest, and one of the most memorable speeches of Imran Khan at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the popularity of him has grown on Twitter. He highlighted Kashmir’s issue, climate change, power concentration, and Islamization.

In the past few months, the Twitter following of PM Imran has grown. This year in April, Imran Khan was the 9th most followed leader on the social media platform and now he has become the 6th most popular leader.

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In 2018, PM Imran was ranked as the 5th most influential leader in the world and 9th leader among 50 with most interactions on Twitter.

As of now US President Donald Trump, India’s Narendra Modi, Pope Francis, and Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan are leading leaders on Twitter with 65.3 million, 50.6 million, 18.1 million, and 12.2 million followers respectively.

Imran Khan has left for a three-day visit to China where it is expected that he will discuss regional and bilateral issues with China’s leadership.

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