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PM House University Might Not Launch Degree Programmes

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The Islamabad National University (INU), which is also referred to as the PM House University might not offer degree programmes instead might just work like a thinking unit for providing policy advice to the government.

The 2-day launch conference of the university concluded on Saturday. Some of the conference attendees told to the local media that there was no plan of offering degree programmes at the newly opened university.

They further said that it is a possibility that the university might offer PhD courses but that was only subjected to the approval of the charter of the university by the Parliament.

A source in the Higher Education Commission (HEC) said that without obtaining the charter, the university could not offer degree programmes.

One of the conference attendees said that the government has got no plans of launching a degree programme at the university instead it would be working under the name of Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS).

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The suggested think tank as per sources would be focusing on 4 areas which are the climate change, development, technology and governance. It would also be acting as a knowledge hub. They informed that the institute would be drafting policy advise for the cabinet and the research advice for the IHEC.

A participant on the request of anonymity said that the objective behind the launch of the university is good. He added that in Western nations, think tanks and research institutes aids governments in making better policies.

As per HEC, the university is dreamed of as a top institution designed for supporting research-based policy making.

It would initially consist of the Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) which would be tasked with giving science-based yearly report to the government on the upcoming challenges facing Pakistan and the world and possible options for dealing with them.

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