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PM Called Sialkot Airport “World’s First Successful Greenfield Airport”

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi—Prime Minister Pakistan inaugurated the International terminal at the Sialkot Airport on Monday. He called the airport as the “first successful greenfield airport” of the world.

While talking at the inauguration ceremony the Prime Minister said that many greenfield airports in the world are unsuccessful, whereas the Sialkot airport is continuously being extended with favourable results.

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Greenfield airports are the new airports that are built on an undeveloped site—meaning that for their construction there is no need for demolishing or removing the already present infrastructures as these are built on unused lands.

Mr Abbasi further mentioned that the opening of the international terminal at the airport would not only be important from the city’s perspective but would also prove a great step for the entire country.

There is a difference between greenfield and brownfield airports. Brownfield airports are the ones that are already operational and have some existing infrastructure which is further renovated or modified as per the need. Whereas, already discussed greenfield airports are built on unused lands.

The Prime Minister praised and applauded the financial assistance and patience of the Sialkot’s business community that led to the making of the Sialkot airport project a reality.

He mentioned that the business community of the city of Faisalabad also has displayed a keen interest in making an airport of the same sort in their city. He assured that government would fully be supporting them in this regard.

The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction and contentment with the quality and amount of development work being done in Sialkot and the neighbouring areas.

He informed that the National Highway Authority was finishing projects costing rupees two hundred billion in Sialkot.

Ahsan Iqbal—Interior Minister, Sardar Mahtab—Prime Minster’s Advisor and the businessmen of the city of Sialkot attended the inauguration ceremony.

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