PM announces Health Package for 1.12 million Thar Residents – Research Snipers

PM announces Health Package for 1.12 million Thar Residents

A health package has been announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan for Tharparkar residents. The health package under the ‘Insaf Health Card’ scheme will benefit almost 1.12 million families in Thar.

PM Imran revealed the reason for visiting the drought-stricken region while addressing a public gathering there. He said he chose Thar at is the most underdeveloped part of Pakistan.

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He said, “The government is introducing the Sehat Insaf Card through which Rs720,000 will be made available per family.”

He revealed that two modern mobile hospitals and four ambulances will be provided as well.

Imran Khan said that in India minorities are being discriminated while Pakistan is trying to provide facilities to the minorities living in the country. In Thar minorities especially Hindus live in large numbers and they must be given basic necessities of life.

Imran Khan said, “The government is working to alleviate poverty from the country.”

He said that the natural coal reserves in Thar can be utilized properly.

Adding,  “I assure you that you [Thar people] will be the first to get the benefits of the coal reserves.”

About the unrest between Pakistan and India, Khan said, “After becoming the prime minister, in my first conversation with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we talked about rising poverty in the South Asian region and how Pakistan and India should try and resolve their issues.”

Adding, “Pakistan wants peace in the region and this is the reason why we sent the captured Indian pilot back to his country even after continued Indian aggression. India should be informed that Pakistan would give a befitting response to any future aggression.”

Further stating, “the government is eliminating militant hideouts in the country by implementing the National Action Plan (NAP). Pakistan will not allow any militant to be nurtured on its soil.”