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Pliro and Careem launch a health week campaign

Careem is collaborating with Pliro for a Health Week campaign. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle in Pakistan. Pliro is a digital health startup while Careem is the leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan. Their campaign started on 10th January and it will go on for some days.

If any user uses Careem to visit the doctor in Islamabad and Rawalpindi using Pliro to book an appointment, Pliro will provide them with a free consultation.

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Pliro is basically an online startup that provides its users to search and book for appointments online with nearby doctors. The Pliro app is available for both Android and iOS. Other than booking appointments with the doctors, users can also ask any questions related to health from doctors using the app.

The health campaign started by Careem and Pliro is to instill in public the necessity of health check-ups for every person. Moreover, the people are also given awareness about how health can be integrated with technology to ensure maximum output. Getting a to a doctor has become easier and simple after incorporating technology in it.

With specific doctors, the patients can get consultation free of cost during this health week. For this, it is important that the user first book an appointment through Pliro and then book a Careem ride. The promo code for Careem ride is CAREEMXPLIRO, for this specific campaign. The doctor has to be shown message from Pliro and e-receipt from Careem so that he will give you a free consultation.

CEO Pliro Mr. Abdul Aziz said, “This joint-health week by Pliro & Careem is an effort to bring awareness among people about the importance of regular health checkups and being healthy. Due to busy lifestyles and economic pressures, most of the people either do not find time to wait in long queues for checkups or avoid checkups due to high consultation fee. This campaign is an expression and initiative for such people that we are there to care for them by giving them free consultations & online appointment booking platform.”

Supply Lead Careem Islamabad Mr. Haider Navid said, “Careem cares about your health so Careem and Pliro are bringing an opportunity for you to be healthy in 2018. All you have to do is take a Careem and get a free checkup from one of Pliro’s doctors.”