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Plaza Collapses in Bahria Town – Video Leaked

A plaza has collapsed in Bahira Town Lahore.

Here is the video showing how the plaza collapsed.

This has led to a controversy as the property tenant has accused Bahria Town administration of their negligence.

Plaza Tenant DWP Group said that as a new building was being dug in the adjacent plot, an underground water pipeline spurt open. This caused water pooling in the plaza foundation.

The issue of water leakage was reported to Bahria Town management immediately but they did not address the situation. Their ignorance led to the collapse of the plaza.

He informed, “The building collapsed while the laborers were working there, but we were lucky in getting them out safely before the building went down. It happened due to water pooling under the foundations of the plaza, weakening them in the process.”

As per the tenant, he is the eyewitness of the fall of the plaza, along with many other witnesses.

He also confirmed, “All the people working in the shops had been evacuated safely.”

As per an eyewitness, Bahria Town security was not there when the building collapsed. They came late but then took charge of the whole chaotic situation.

The tenant of the plaza has asked Chief Justice of Pakistan to give him justice.

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Shoaib Younus, Head of Marketing at DWP Group, confirmed that the plaza “collapsed due to digging on its side.” He said that the contractor removed the soil without first giving support to the plaza. Pillars or beams could have been used to support the plaza. He also said that now Bahria Town management is looking into the matter.

When Bahria Town administration was contacted they refused to comment on the situation.