PlayStation 5 Slim: New Details Surfaced About The New PS5 Slim

Sony is promising the launch of the unofficial PlayStation 5 Slim “this holiday season.” Insiders, on the other hand, are already talking about details about the possible release date of the compact and modular PS5 console. Will Germany lose out again?

Sony Withheld Most Of The Details

The new look of the PlayStation 5 Slim, introduced a few days ago, is set to be rolled out worldwide in the coming months. However, Sony has so far held back from giving precise release dates. The company is only planning a market launch in November for the United States. The rest of the world will follow in the next few months.

According to the French online magazine Dealabs, the new console should launch comparatively early in November. We’re talking about a bundle consisting of the new PS5 (Slim) and the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which should be available in US stores from November 8, 2023. On November 10th, however, the new PlayStation 5 and its Digital Edition are expected to follow – albeit only in the USA and Japan for the time being.

PS5 Slim release in Europe?

While the launch of the PlayStation 5 (Slim) from November 8th and 10th in the United States and Japan has also been confirmed by Amazon, among others, there are still question marks surrounding the EU launch. The European region has always been left behind in the past. With a bit of luck, the release dates could be just a few days apart.

Looking back, in 2013 there were only 14 days between the US and EU launch of the PlayStation 4 (PS4). The PlayStation 5 (PS5), on the other hand, was also delivered in Europe and consequently in Germany just seven days after its launch in the USA and Japan. Derived from this, the period between November 13th and 26th, 2023 could be considered for the international market launch.

PlayStation 5 Slim: Features and Prices

The new PS5 revision is visually different from the original model of the console. According to Sony, the volume and weight were reduced by 30 percent and 24 percent respectively. They also decided on a new four-part design for the side panels with a combination of glossy and matt finish. The Blu-ray drive is also modular and can be removed if desired, or, in the case of the Digital Edition, installed later – for 119.99 euros.

In addition, Sony is increasing the storage capacity of the PlayStation 5 to 1 TB without again increasing the prices. The new PS5 with Blu-ray drive will start at 550 euros, and the drive-less Digital Edition for 450 euros. A horizontal stand is included in the scope of delivery; a separate stand is sold for vertical orientation for 29.99 euros. Side panels in different colors will only appear next year.

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