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Playing Pranks Could Land You in Jail

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If you are the type of person who loves to joke and pull pranks around, then beware as playing pranks could land you in jail.

Ismail Khaarak—the SSP Lahore Operations said that if one is caught playing pranks then one could get arrested.

The police could arrest a person under 506—punishment for criminal intimidation of the Pakistan Penal Code or Section 25D—a penalty for causing annoyance of the Telegraph Act, 1885.

The Section 506 of the Pakistan Penal Code is punishable with an imprisonment of up to 2 years in jail or a fine, whereas the Section 25D of the Telegraph Act is punishable by a jail sentence of up to 3 years or a fine.

77 pranksters are being investigated by the Lahore police after they got complaints. 11 cases have been registered against the prank callers and pranksters asking indecent questions.

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The culture of playing pranks has become common among young people, particularly YouTubers who are asking for content ideas for surging the views on videos and subscribers on their channel. They go to public spots for pulling pranks and for recording the reactions of people.

Shahmeer Abbas—a YouTuber said that making and creating content is a tedious task. He also suggested that the content creators should plan their pranks in a proper way before executing it.

He suggested that if someone feels threatened and scared via your prank, then the prank should be reconsidered.

Abbas further added that taking in writing permission from the place where one intends to execute the prank before is a good gesture. He also said that one should never play a prank on couples or the elderly people and should make security arrangements in case things go out of hand.

The prank culture is indeed spreading, and people also enjoy watching pranks, but this should be kept in mind that playing pranks give no license to people to bully or harass anyone.

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