Play store added a dedicated section ‘Other devices’ for large screen optimized apps

Google has updated its Play Store, which will improve the experience for those who use devices with bigger screens, i.e., Chromebooks and tablets. This latest update will provide bigger screen optimization along with multi-device installation. Google is shifting all its focus to the browsing and discovery experience on these devices. For this purpose, Google is adding a dedicated section for Chromebooks and tablet apps.

As per reports from 9to5Google, an additional section marked “Other devices” has been added to the Play Store. This section can be used to browse the apps that are compatible with Chromebooks or tablets. This dedicated section is specified to display the apps that are compatible with bigger screens like Chromebooks or tablets. This section will provide you with a collection of 50 apps for Chromebooks and 28 enlisted apps for tablets. These apps can be further categorized to make your search results more specific.

This updated section is accessible through your smartphones. This latest update will let you install the apps on other devices under your control without having to search and dig through the Play Store on your Chromebook or tablet to get your desired app. This update is currently rolling out; you can check in your app to see if it’s available yet.

For not having enough apps that are optimized for large screens or windows, the Android ecosystem has frequently come under fire. It makes sense that Google would want to emphasize the apps that run the best on the form factor since it is reentering the tablet market with the Pixel Tablet. The Google Pixel Fold and other book-style foldables will become viable product categories with the help of well-optimized apps for big-screen smartphones.

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