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Plastic Products Banned by Sindh Govt.

The Sindh government has banned the import, making, sale, distribution and retailing of the non-degradable plastic products under the Sindh Environmental Protection Act 2014 and Sindh prohibition of non-degradable plastic products Rules 2014.

As per a statement issued on Friday, the ban has been imposed owing to the non-degradable plastic bags which leads to cancer and many other deadly diseases.

All the Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Distributors have been informed about this effect.

Nobody would be allowed to import, stockpile, make, supply, trade, sell or distribute any scheduled plastic which is non-degradable.

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The scheduled plastic products must be of Oxo-biodegradable and pro-degradant use and must be approved by the agency or any other concerned department in a way as prescribed under the act.

The use of non-degradable plastic products is fatal for humans and their lives.

In case of failure to abide with the SEP Act 2014 and its related rules and regulations, the Wholesalers, Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors would be strictly dealt with and would be punished with fine and imprisonment for a span of time that may lead to three years.

It is further requested to the public for not using the non-degradable plastic bags owing to the reason that is both dangerous to the environment and health and is reported to cause severe health hazards.

The home secretary instructed the police officers and concerned authorities to make sure that the ban is implemented properly and must register cases against the ones who break the imposed ban.

This is a good step by the Government of Sindh to make sure that the use of non-degradable plastic is reduced as new researchers have proved that plastic is a bad material and is leading to many issues, most importantly the sea life gulping in plastic bags thus leading to their deaths, the issue of air pollution and many more health-related concerns.

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