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Plastic Bags Use Banned in Sindh Province

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The Sindh government has placed a ban on the use of plastic bags in the province, as confirmed by a spokesperson of the chief minister.

Previously, an official of the Environmental Protection Agency Sindh told the cabinet during a meeting that the making and the use of polythene bag is unlawful and is a crime.

Hearing this, the cabinet approved the Sindh EPA’s plea of imposing a ban on the making, sale and buying of the non-biodegradable polythene bags throughout the province.

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The spokesperson further said that for the span of the next three months, the ban would be placed on the use of plastic bags in the various regions of the Sindh province.

Plastic bags are a serious threat for the environment as they not only add to pollution but also takes the life of the marine animals.

The use of non-biodegradable plastic bags is deadly for people and for their health. It is the cause of many health issues.

The initiative taken by the Sindh province is a good one as new research have proved that plastic is a bad material and is the major reason behind many problems, significantly the sea life eating up the plastic bags and thus dying, the concerns of air pollution and various more health linked problems.

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