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Plans to Construct Multiple Storied Apartments in Place of Old Govt. Residences

In a proposal to further advance and develop the federal capital’s skyline the government has taken a decision to demolish seven thousand government residential buildings and instead of them to construct multiple storied apartment complexes in the city.

In the capital city of Pakistan as per the Urban Regeneration Plan, the apartment complexes would be built in the Sectors G-6 and G-7, F-6 and I-8.

For the first phase of the pilot project, the plan of demolishing nine government quarters in the Sector F-6/3 area is under consideration, along with the possibility of constructing one thousand two hundred apartments in their place.

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As per the sources the Housing and Works Ministry would be building one thousand two hundred flats on an area of one hundred and forty canals of the government land in Islamabad. An official of the Ministry of Housing and Works informed that these flats would be made in place of the ninety old-fashioned and fifty-five-year-old houses at the Sector F-6 which were in dirty condition. The official informed that a summary of the project has been submitted to the prime minister for approval after which the expansion and development work would begin. He added that the project would be completed in a span of two years.

As per the sources, the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF), which comes under the federal ministry of Housing and Works, has already been considering about demolishing around seven thousand old residential buildings which are in dreadful shape and building new flats in its place.

The newly planned apartments would be costing around rupees 4.5 billion. While three hundred of these newly built flats would be given to the government employees, which are thought to return the funds invested in the project.

Alongside the small houses, the government has plans of demolishing even the bigger houses so that high rise apartments could be built, and a maximum number of employees could get residency in Islamabad.

Presently, there are more than twenty-five thousand government employees who are without a residence. And they have been on the “waiting list” for like some time.

The Urban Regeneration Plan would help the government in easily handling the issue of government employees without houses.

As per sources, many government officials are against the project hence the delay is being experienced.

The senior official informed that since 2013 no fresh allotments had been given to the government employees based on standard rent. He added that the Supreme Court had also given the decision for not allotting any house on standard rent.

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