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‘Planet Nine’—A Possibility Says NASA

There is a possibility that there exists another planet, planet nine other than the eight already known planets, on the 4th of this month NASA stated this probability. As per the organization’s statement ‘Planet Nine’ might be a world ten times the mass of earth and twenty times more away than the Neptune from the sun.

To say anything with authenticity is tough as the signs so far are not direct, chiefly just the gravitational footprints but that indeed makes a strong case for the planet’s existence. Some scientists are sure that the planet is present even at this stage.

According to Konstantin Batygin, an astrophysicist at Caltech in Pasadena, California said that there are five varying lines of observational proof indicating towards the existence of planet nine, if this is assumed that planet nine does not exist then it creates more problems instead of solving any because then five different theories need to be presented for explaining the observational evidence.

The computer simulations of the solar system with planet nine indicate tilted objects.
Elizabeth Baily, a graduate student of Batygin researched to point out that the solar systems’ planets have tilted because of the planet nine during the span of last 14.5 billion years.

As per Batygin for a longer duration of time plant nine would quiver over the complete solar system plane just like a top on a table.

Orbital effect of the Planet Nine could be one of the reasons why the inner belt is getting polluted by Kuiper Belt.

The only finding left is of Planet Nine Batygin with his co-author Caltech astronomer Mike Brown are working on this. They are working in Hawaii at Mauna Kea Observatory using Sabaru Telescope.

There is another group of scientists of the University of Victoria headed by Cory Shankman who believes otherwise and suggests a different theory, but even that does not completely kill the possibility of Planet Nine.

Let us assume that if Batygin and Brown get successful in finding planet nine, then that would be like the discovery of lost super-Earth.