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Plane Stairway Collapsed Causing Injuries to Five People at Islamabad Airport Incident

Islamabad Airport Incident: Today an airplane staircase collapsed at the Benazir International Airport. Five people were as per reports got injured when the passenger plane stairway malformed.

As per the airport officials the plane was of Emirates—a Gulf airline. The plane was leaving for Dubai when the incident took place.

According to the rescue officials four of the injured people in the plane’s airstair breakdown were passengers including an American citizen. A loader also received injuries. All the injured passengers were taken to the Benazir Bhutto Hospital for medical help.

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The incident occurred when the passengers were using the airstair of the plane—which was parked on the runway, when the stairway collapsed.

The passengers who received injuries include:

Muhammad Latif

Rafia Bibi

Bilqees Akhtar

Kulsoom Begum and

The loader Qamar

As per the airport officials the condition of the loader—Qamar is critical.

As per the details of the rescue officials, the passengers fall on the runway after the stairway collapsed. The American citizen—Rafia Bibi of fifty-nine years of age has got head injuries.

The stairway collapse resulted in causing damage to the left wing of the plane as the stairway came down and the plane has now been shifted to the base as per the airport sources.

An investigation has been launched into the accident.

This is disappointing to notice a rising trend in the airplane relating accidents. Airline authorities and the aviation on site staff needs to get much more attentive to such kind of mishappenings so that such incidents could be prevented in future.

We just hope that may the injured passengers recover soon.

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