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Plane makes Emergency Landing Over Passenger’s Unbearable Body Odour

A plane to Spain was forced to make an emergency landing not because of any technical issue or a mishap but due to a very strange reason. A passenger’s ‘unbearable’ body odor compelled the pilot to divert its route to Faro in Portugal just as it took off from Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

The stinking smell of a traveler on the Transavia flight to the island of Gran Canaria in Spain made other passengers vomit and faint.

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Boeing 737 Transavia flight diverted because one of the  travelers smelt ‘like he hadn’t washed in weeks’. He was isolated in the plane’s toilet after the people in the plane were unable to tolerate his smell anymore.

The plane made an emergency landing to Faro where the passenger was escorted out of the plane. He was taken to a bus where medical aid would have been given to him.

A Belgian passenger, Piet van Haut who was on the plane said, , “It was like he hadn’t washed himself for several weeks. Several passengers got sick and had to puke.”

Transavia confirmed that the flight did made an emergency landing due to ‘medical reasons’. It is not known though that the medical reasons meant the odour of the passenger or the other travelers who got sick due to his smell.

Transavia spokesman said, “The aeroplane diverted because of medical reasons, but it is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit.”

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