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Plane Crash Investigation Reaches its Final Phase

The crashed plane of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) PK-8303 has reached the final phase of the investigation. The French experts are going to complete their inquiry until Sunday.

As per the sources, 11-members from the Airbus company along with some French experts have collected significant evidence from the crashed plane.

In order to decode the black box and the voice recorder of the aircraft, the French experts will leave for Paris on Monday. After the completion of their six-day visit, the aviation authorities have permitted a special flight to land in Pakistan.

The directives were issued a notification by the director of the Civil Aviation Authority according to which the flight will most likely land at the Jinnah International airport on the 31st of May.

Eleven French experts landed at Karachi airport on Tuesday through a special Airbus 338 in order to pay a visit to the location of the plane crash.

The Airbus investigation team also paid a visit to the radar center of Karachi’s airport.

The foreign experts studied the take-off and landing of the aircraft at the radar center.

Besides reviewing the process of take-off and landing of the plane, the investigation team also examined the equipment at the radar room.

Among all the passengers, two of them survived and 97 passengers along with the crew members died in the plane crash incident. But luckily, none of the residents living in the Model Colony’s Jinnah Garden lost their lives.

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