Plan International to End Operations in Pakistan

Plan International plans to end operations in Pakistan after more than twenty years. Following the orders of Pakistan government, Plan International has decided to close its operations in the country. A letter was given by the Ministry of Interior to Plan International ordering it to end its business in Pakistan within 2 months time. The order was issued on October, 2nd, 2018.

The letter was given in response to the appeal that the organization filed back in December 2017 as its registration application was turned down. The appeal was rejected, with no reason given. Also, it is believed that different other NGOs are also to stop operations in Pakistan.

Plan International supported many communities, children through its development work. That will have to be stopped. Also, its employees, being Pakistani nationals would have to be fired.

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Back in 1997 Plan International started operations in Pakistan and till now it has supported over 1.6 million children all over Pakistan through different programs.

Now that the company is being closed it has 25,000 sponsored children and over €8.3 million operating budget. The staff full-time part of the company is more than 202.

In its 2 decades in Pakistan Plan International, the company has provided access to people to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. 16,000 emergency camps were established and the needs of children were catered during disasters. 1.9 million children were supported so that they could get their birth certificates and much more.

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