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Plan Being Formed for Shifting Markets, Transport Terminals Outside the City Areas in Rawalpindi

City Areas in Rawalpindi

The government of Punjab has asked the divisional administration for forming plans to shift the large markets, transport terminals and the industrial units outside the city areas in Rawalpindi for reducing the traffic congestion and pollution.

The administration is planning to allocate the space along with the site suggested for the Ring Road from Channi Sher Alam in Rawar to Thalian on the motorway.

The government has got the plans for moving the main markets of the city, which includes the ones selling fruits, grains, and vegetables along the Ring Road.

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The administration is planning to form a special traffic police force for the Ring Road on the pattern of the motorway police, as informed by Saqib Zafar—the Commissioner.

He also said a new city would be formed along the road, providing them with the opportunity of developing the requirements of today.

Rawalpindi does not have a separate fruit and vegetable market, as said by the commissioner. He also added that the I-11 market in the federal capital is used for the auctions of fruit and vegetable. Once the new markets are established these products would be shifted there.

The commissioner said that Rawalpindi is not an agricultural city and there are no outproduced by farms at the local level. He said that some people grow grains for their own usage. He added that there is no agriculture tax or aabiana in the district because there is no canal in the area.

Rawalpindi also is the main market for supplying food and other items to the north, which includes the areas like Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Once the Ring Road is completed the transporters would not be required to enter the city and would reach their destinations without experiencing the traffic issues or causing any issues for the residents.

He said that the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has asked the government to allocate the building for Benazir Bhutto International Airport for an exhibition centre after shifting the airport to the new building in Fatehjang however it turned down the request for security concerns.

Instead, the traders would be given a site for such a centre along the Ring Road for conducting industrial and commercial exhibitions.

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