PK Khan Refers to 2020 As the Year of Blue Economy

Year of Blue Economy

As per the reports of local media, while emphasizing the importance of the effective use of the ocean resources, PM Khan termed the year 2020 as the year of the blue economy.

He led a high-level meeting on the blue economy and said that Pakistan has got great potential however it had been neglected by the previous governments.

He said promoting the blue economy would be creating the job opportunities, would be boosting tourism, and would bring in investment in the country.

PM Khan said that the government was laying out a roadmap for the blue economy. He added that the shipping policy of 2019 would be easing the business-related activities and would assist the investors.

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The prime minister also said that the Gwadar port would be bringing in prosperity and progress in the nation.

Back in the month of February, highlighting the importance of the blue economy and the effective use of the ocean resources, Dr. Arif Alvi, the President of the country had said that they were important for the better future of Pakistan.

He had said that the Indian Ocean is a strategic route for the supplies of energy, food items, and maritime transportation.

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