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Pizza Hut Pakistan to Enter in Growth Mode

The Pakistanis fondness of food is ever rising and that, in turn, is making many opportunities for multiple food chains and businesses. May the food be Chinese or desi or Thai or Japanese or Italian people love trying new flavours. However, the biggest hit in the food industry is the fast-food businesses.

The fast-food industry has seen the entry and rise of multiple famous and local brands in the recent few years. For some food chains like Pizza Hut, the nation’s pioneer foreign brand there is much room for growth.

Pizza Hut is the first international pizza brand in Pakistan which at the time it launched in the country was not that famous as it is today. MCR Pakistan—prime franchise of Pizza Hut in the nation, started the business in 1993 and enjoyed the sole status of pizza sellers for many years.

Pizza gained immense popularity among youngsters as an essential diet, owing to that many local, low-price selling eateries opened-selling pizzas across the country.

Hameed Kashan—Pizza Hut Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer—Pakistan stated that although many varieties of food ranges are available still pizza remains a favourite food item for Pakistanis.

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Kashan further added that Pakistan is the only nation as compared to other countries that is seeing the huge growth rate in term of pizza popularity.

He said that it is expected that in future the pizza market would further grow as Pakistan’s overall economic growth and disposable income has shown positive trends in the recent years.

Pizza Hut has delivered above a hundred million pizzas in Pakistan ever since its launch in 1993 to date that is December 2017. Last year the leading pizza chain altered its policy and gave up the brand name to many domestic investors as a strategy shift to cover more markets in as many cities as possible.

Kashan mentioned that we were not growing as per the needed pace hence the decision was taken to partner with the local businesses as it was anticipated that if the franchises were managed individually by the investors instead of a central system that would increase sales by thirty percent.

Bringing in individual investors means that the business would be run more efficiently for competing with the other domestic brands which are taking a greater portion of the Pizza Hut business.

The management would also be working on the launch of new flavours for making sure additional variety is offered to both the high and low-end customers.

Kashan mentioned that adding local flavours booms the business more, to support his point he gave the example of Chicken Tikka flavour—which has been taken up by the franchises in other nations too.

Presently, the firm has eighty branches in twenty cities and is planning to double this count in the next five years’ time, but with a collaborative business model since pizza is no more an exclusive product.

Currently, four thousand and five hundred people are employed with the company.

Kashan added that pizza business is a profitable one and is ever growing, despite the shift seen in the clients from high to middle class.

He avoided giving exact profit figures but said that yearly growth of Pizza Hut Pakistan has remained in double digits continuously and that the company expects to enjoy the same trend for years to come.

He added with the growing demand maintaining quality, keeping the taste consistent and introducing new flavours would remain a constant challenge for the company.

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