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Pizza Hut Pakistan Offers Nationwide Wow Deals

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Pizza hut is growing in Pakistan as one of the largest fast food retailer, the company has 27 outlets alone in Karachi, the newly opened branch in Clifton block 2 is operational now.

Pizza hut Pakistan has now introduced nationwide deals named “Wow deals” there are three deals in total which are affordable for individuals and small groups.

Deal 1

You will get Personal Pan Pizza, 2 pieces of Garlic Bread and 345ml soft drink in this deal, this is a perfect meal for one person if you are starving for hours.

Deal 2

If you have a friend or partner with you then this deal would make your evening, the deal includes one regular pizza, four pieces of garlic bread and two 345ml drinks.

Deal 3

If you are a group of 3 to 4 people then wow deal three is the one you should go with, it has one large pizza, 6 pieces of garlic bread and 1.75 litre drink bottle.

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All the deals are customizable in terms of toppings and choice of drinks. You may choose from Cheeky Chicken, Chicken Supreme, Fajita Sicilian, Classic Pepperoni, Chicken Fajita, Very Veggie, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Behari, Tropical Hawaiian and Afghani Tikka.

You can also have options to add more into the deals if you think it not going to be enough for your group, you can have discounted add-ons such as; potato wedges, 6 pieces of chicken wings and salad.