Pixel Watch was not the original name Google had in mind

Some interesting information regarding Google products was shared by a popular tipster known for its X handle, @Za_Raczke. It seems that Google wasn’t aiming to use Pixel watch game initially.

Google didn’t plan on utilizing Pixel Watch

The tipper tweeted the information along with an intriguing picture. The Pixel 6 series and the Pixel Watch are seen in the illustration below this text. The name that is displayed in that image is “Google Watch,” which is a problem.

Google first intended to use the term “Google Watch” before switching to “Pixel Watch.” The Pixel 6 series, not the Pixel 7 series, was supposed to include the item in its release schedule. Google put it off. Promo photos appeared to be ready to go because the Pixel 6 series debut was so close. The tipper claims that he doesn’t fully understand why Google changed directions in terms of branding.

‘Google Watch’ was referred as late as May 2021

The ‘Google Watch’ was the name given to it as recently as May 2021. The Pixel Watch moniker appears to have been adopted after that. In case you were wondering, the codename is still “Rohan,” of course. The Pixel Watch name makes more sense in the big picture. The Pixel logo is present on the company’s smartphones, tablets, and earbuds. It simply makes sense that the watch would also include it.

Of course, the Google Watch moniker would be more well-known to many people. But it would be strange if the company’s smartphone carried the Pixel branding and its watch didn’t. But, as you can see, it almost happened.

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