Pixel users are facing issues with Android Auto connect

Android Auto is one of the most popular automotive interfaces available, and we anticipate that it will work well with Google’s own hardware. However, Pixel owners have reported connectivity troubles with Android Auto. They were gone, but they’ve returned.

For some reason, Android Auto would crash when users used it. That’s a huge problem if you’re using it to find your way around. This problem originally affected Pixel users, but it has already been resolved. Well, it appears that the problem has reappeared.

Pixels is facing issues with Android Auto once again

Several Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 users have expressed their dissatisfaction on Reddit via Android Police. They stated that their phone would sporadically disconnect from Android Auto when using it. That’s especially aggravating on lengthy lengths of road where you can’t brake to troubleshoot. We don’t know what’s causing this problem right now. These reports have been appearing throughout the previous few weeks. It could have been due to an update to either the Pixel phones or Android Auto. If that’s the case, it should be a simple remedy.

There are currently no fixes or solutions to troubleshoot the problem. If you are experiencing this problem, you should wait until it is brought to Google’s attention.

Google has redesigned the Google Play Store to accommodate larger screens

The Google Play Store will look considerably different if you’re using a foldable or a tablet. The business will release an update that will greatly improve the app’s performance on larger displays.

A big banner will spread across the screen on an app’s information page. The trailer for the app will be played by the banner. There will also be a two-column display where you can see the app’s information as well as similar apps on the same screen.

When you search for an app, you’ll see both the search results and the app you chose on the same screen. There will be many more adjustments in the future.

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