Pixel phones enable wireless charging when plugged in

Did you know that your Pixel phone could charge other devices?

Yes, your Pixel phone can wirelessly charge other devices. Google Pixel phones are offering this feature since 2020. However, to wirelessly charge another device, reverse charging needs to be switched on manually. But there is an exception to this case where some Pixel phones can turn on the wireless charging automatically when plugged in.

Some users on Reddit reported how their Pixel phones double up as wireless charging pads.

The following piece of information may not be that common among consumers. When you plug in a Pixel 5 or higher, the wireless charging is switched on automatically. Thus, indicating that the users don’t need to switch on the wireless charging feature manually. Rather it turns on as soon as it is plugged in. Well, on the other hand, where the wireless charging activates on its own, it can turn off in a similar manner. If no device is detected within a few minutes, the feature will turn off on its own. So users don’t have to worry about the feature getting switched on or off.

But one important thing to note over here is that the feature will only function when the charging is above 20%. A battery above 20% will enable the charging of the phone as well as the device simultaneously. So, if ever you get into a situation where you require your phone as well as your earbuds to be charged, you can simply reply on your Pixel phone.

Earlier this month, Google reported that it will bring a feature that will provide complete access over the wireless charging feature. This feature will be introduced via Android 13 QPR1 beta. The new feature offers two options. Either you can entirely turn off the wireless charging feature or you can enable the wireless charging feature irrespective of the main setting when plugged in.