Pixel Buds Pro colors revealed via leak

Just days before Google’s fall event on October 4, where they were expected to be unveiled, new colors of the Pixel Buds Pro have surfaced. The Tech Outlook is the source of the leaks, which feature multiple up-close pictures of the products. Additionally, it looks like two marketing photographs have been added for completeness, allowing you to see how they appear while people are wearing them.

There is nothing new to see here other than the fresh colors. The Pixel Buds Pro that are being offered now are the same as these. merely in different tones from before. If you didn’t like any of the earlier color choices, though, you could find these to be perfectly up your alley. which now consists of coral, fog, lemongrass, and charcoal.

“Bay Blue” and “Porcelain” are reportedly the new Pixel Buds Pro colors

Previous rumors claimed that Google’s future smartphones would come in Sky Blue. But it doesn’t appear that will be the case. The hue will now be known as Bay Blue. According to the leak, the future items’ white hue would be referred to as porcelain. However, given that Google already uses that moniker for several of its other products, this is not surprising.

Apart from the names of the colors, there is no fresh information about these impending earphones. However, it is anticipated that pricing and availability will be comparable to those of the current options. After their launch, pending stock doesn’t immediately run out. They might become difficult to locate in that case. Along with these new earbud colors, Google is anticipated to unveil the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as the Pixel Watch 2.

Given that Google often releases its flagship products the same month it announces them, all these ought to be accessible soon after the official announcement.

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