Pixel 8 users can now join Android 14 beta program

Pixel 8 provides a great experience for its users. Although there were some issues regarding the accessibility of the beta program, now it’s updated. You can join the Android 14 beta program with your Pixel 8 device.

Pixel 8 is the latest device from Google, and it has brought in some noticeable improvements in comparison with previous models. These latest devices are much faster, smarter, and more capable than the previous models. Other than that, they’re here with seven years of Android OS upgrades.

Pixel 8 is now on Android 14 beta

Some people prefer to use the software’s most up-to-date versions, while others like to stay on the cutting edge. They want to test out the most recent features as soon as they are released. The beta program is intended for this purpose. Google recently added its newest smartphones to the list. The Android 14 QPR 1 beta 2 (version U1B2.230922.006) is therefore available to Pixel 8 owners.

It’s simple to sign up for the program. Visit the Android beta page directly. You should log into your Google account if you aren’t doing so with that browser. You’ll see a list of the devices associated with your Google account after the page has loaded. It will appear on the page if your Pixel 8 is signed into your Google account.

To enroll in the beta program, click on it. You’ll notice an update on your phone when you confirm your selection. Your phone will be running the Android 14 beta when you install that update.

Before installing

There are a few things you should know before installing the beta. Beta software is not stable to start with. The software contains bugs and other problems that you will encounter. There is a possibility that some functions or programs won’t function. Choosing to participate in the beta program is at your own risk. Simply be aware that the software won’t be entirely reliable.

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