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PITB to Launch Punjab Labour App for Small Businesses


On Saturday, news came out that the Punjab Labour & Human Resource Department (PL&HRD) is going to introduce a mobile application for the registration of small businesses across the province. PITB (Punjab Information Technology Board) will help in developing the app.

As per the reports, the announcement came out during a meeting with PL&HRD Secretary Ahmed Javed Qazi in the chair. The participants were told on the salient features of the application by PITB Additional Director Saima Sheikh.

Javed Qazi on the occasion underlined the need for mechanization in government institutions and directed the officials to certify the development of the application on an immediate basis.

The app will help people working in shops and stores to register themselves with the labor department.

Following the registration, these workers will receive online certificates, which the labor officer will be able to verify using QR code during his visit to the premises.

The secretary further emphasized the projects launched to systematize business procedures in Punjab.

Online services for registration of large industrial units are already in place; more than 73% of social security-registered industrial and commercial units have submitted contributions online this month.

Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi Punjab Labour Minister was positive about the development. He has plans to systematize the entire registration process of the department to facilitate laborers.

The new mechanical system will not only help laborers to get themselves registered but will also increase the number of registered laborers in the province.

The minister also noted that the obligatory government is surveying laborers’ registration in the entire province.

The minister further added that only those laborers who are working in big industrial units are registered with us and we have the data of approximately 1.2 million laborers which is very low. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), our department should have three million laborers registered.

Niazi proclaimed that during the 2014 survey, the number of registered laborers in the province was one million. But the target is to double down the registrations by 2022.

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