Pilot Blamed for PK-8303 Plane Crash

A number of violations made by the captain of the ill-fated Pakistan International Airline (PIA) aircraft that crashed on May 22 have been highlighted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). A report was sent to the safety department of PIA by the Additional Director Operations of Civil Aviation Authority. The report highlights that the pilot of Airbus A320 aircraft did not follow many of the instructions of the air traffic controller (ATC).

In the report it was highlighted that the plane was at high altitude before its approach point and the ATC did warn the pilot about it. The aircraft was at 3,500 feet at four nautical miles which is considered high from the approach profile.

Also, the aircraft speed was over 250 knots before landing. This is higher than the required acceleration.

The captain was warned twice by the air traffic controller to turn the aircraft to 180 degrees and maintain the required altitude. However, these instructions were ignored.

Also, the report included a written response from the air traffic controller and approach tower controllers. These have been submitted to the investigation team on May 26 during the probe of the crash.

“Both engines of the aircraft were badly damaged after hitting the ground as the plane landed without opening landing gear. It seems that the captain forgot to open the landing gear while maintaining the speed and altitude of the aircraft, said the air traffic controller.”

Then later on the captain took permission again to land which was given. He told ATC that both engines are not working and alerted for an emergency. The captain told ATC and the approach tower controller that he was calm and will try to land the aircraft.

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But the aircraft fell short of its destination by less than a mile and crashed in a residential area.

Taking everything into account this must also be taken into account that the pilot is no more to defend himself. What is important now is to not repeat the mistakes that lead to such incidents.

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