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Pictures & Videos of the Motorway from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad to Peshawar

A 1,694-kilometre-long, six-lane, high-speed motorway is being constructed from Karachi to Hyderabad to Sukkur, Multan, Abdul Hakeem, Lahore, Islamabad and finally Peshawar.

The Karachi to Hyderabad section is 136 km long. Hyderabad to Sukkur section is 296 km long. Sukkar to Multan section is 387 km long. Multan to Abdul Hakeem section is 103 km long. Abdul Hakeem to Lahore section is 230 km long. Lahore to Islamabad section is 376 km long and finally, from Islamabad to Peshawar the motorway section will be 166 km long.

Pictures of Karachi to Hyderabad Section


Pictures of Hyderabad to Sukkur Section

Pictures of Sukkur to Multan Section

Pictures of Multan to Abdul Hakeem Section

Video of the Section

Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway

Posted by Karachi Lahore Motorway "KLM" on Sunday, July 30, 2017

“Junction of Two Motorways M-3 & M-4 near Abdul Hakeem . 230 Km Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3 interlink with 236 Km Multan Motorway M-4 .Lahore abdul Hakeem Motorway M-3 will be operational in May 2018.”

Pictures of Abdul Hakeem to Lahore Section 

Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway Section interchange under construction!”


1650 Km Karachi Lahore Motorway. 230 km Lahore Abdul Hakeem section u/c near Sharaqpur Sharif.

“Nankana Interchange bridge under construction at 230 km Abdul Hakeem Lahore motorway M-3 which is part of 1650 Km Peshawar Karachi Motorway.”

Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway section near Samundri Pakistan

“Plantation Nursery. A plantation base(no. 2)for 230Km Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway. These saplings will be planted all along the Motorway.”

Lahore onwards to Islamabad and then Peshawar the Motorway is already constructed. The M-2 Motorway connects Lahore to Islamabad.

Image result for lahore islamabad motorway

The M-1 Motorway connects Islamabad to Peshawar.

Once the Karachi to Lahore motorway is opened for traffic it will boost trade and commerce in the country. Economic development and growth will be witnessed and driving will become easier for the commuters.



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  1. The motor way from nultan to sukkur is it operational as being seen on net if not when will it be operational. The second point is that if we are travelling from Islamabad to Karachi on motorway how to follow so that the distance is reduced and can reach soon whether it will be preperable to start from Lahore so that we can reach sukkur in a day and what shortest route to follow I am waiting for all these clearances so that I can travel. Kindly let me know the detail routes

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