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Pictures and Video of Fire on Margalla Hills, Islamabad

A fire has erupted on Margalla Hills. Near the Trail-5 and the Kalinger and Sandoori villages, a fire erupted yesterday and spread over 40 acres. Until this morning, the fire has not extinguished.

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Here is the Video

“Terrible! Fire erupts at Margalla Hills in Islamabad today”

Here are the pictures

: Yesterday’s images of – Huge fire erupted in Margalla Hills fire since last night. Rescue work underway.

As there are flammable bushed in Margalla Hills, the issue has become a major one. The area has a rough terrain thus it is getting difficult to control the fire through traditional fire extinguishing vehicles. CDA is now using the manual bush beating technique to control further spread of fire.

In order to control the fire properly aerial fire extinguishing mechanism is needed. The truth is that the lack of facilities and equipment currently available by CDA is damaging the vegetation, forests, and wildlife in Margalla Hills and nearby areas.

People are furious with the poor management in the locality as they tweeted

“Islamabad’s majestic Margalla Hills on fire, trees on the area of 1 km are burnt. What are we doing to this land?”

The fire is still there as proven by this tweet

“Almost been 24 hours and the fire on Margalla hills is still visible”

There are those who express their love for the city by tweeting

“Why is no one bothered about fire on margalla hills?? That’s ruining my happy place!!”

There is effort being done to extinguish the fire. But there are those who say

“48 Hours since Margalla hills are on fire. Not a single effort is noticed so far.”

“Just before start of Summer Fire in Margalla hills Islamabad as usual CDA is nowhere to be seen