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PIA’s Sugar Sachets Took Passengers to Future

The planning in advance national flag carrier—Pakistan International Airlines is apparently super cautious about not serving its valued passengers with any old stock or stale items. Proving its cautious approach, it served a sugar sachet with a manufacturing date of July 2018.

When the photo of the sachet became viral on the social media platforms the national flag carrier came forward saying that it has returned the complete batch with the incorrect manufacturing date to the supplier and have placed the supplier on their blacklist.

Mashhood Tajwar—the PIA spokesperson said that the Pakistan International Airlines manages strict controls for its flight kitchen and the wellbeing of its customers is the topmost priority of the airline.

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He further mentioned that the batch of sugar sachets with the wrong manufacturing date has been returned to the supplier once a detailed inspection of the entire stock was conducted.

He added that the supplier has been put on the blacklist and a legal notice has been issued and the airline holds the right to claim any damages.

The PIA spokesperson further said that a detailed check of all the food commodities at the Pakistan International Airline’s flight kitchen has been ordered by the CEO of PIA—Musharraf Rasood Cyan.

He said that an investigation is undergoing to take the needed action against the officials’ ignorance.

Recently PIA informed about its decision to change and revamp the aircraft. The airline has decided to show Markhor—Pakistan’s national animal on the backside of the aeroplane.

Many organizations undergo struggles however it seems that PIA is one such organization that is always in news—may it be the matter of its privatization or some improvement or some indecent occurrence, the airline knows the art of being in news.

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