PIA’s SABRE System Down, Passengers Stuck

PIA’s SABRE system went down due to a technical fault. The issue in the online reservation system of PIA led to uncertainty among PIA passengers all over the world. People had no idea whether their flights have been delayed or are on schedule. Around 400 PIA travelers were issued manual boarding passes at Karachi airport.

Earlier in May, PIA’s online reservation went down due to which PIA’s sales slowed.

Sabre is a leading global online ticket reservation company. As per PIA, the issue has not been on their end but at the service provider’s end. Thus it has affected the airline’s system all over the globe.

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Most of the airlines in the world offer a couple of online ticket reservation systems. Thus travelers of those airlines who use Sabre would have turned to another online reservation system.

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Other than Sabre, other famous online ticket reservation systems include Abacus, GDS, Apollo, Free Porter, Amadeus, and Galileo.

PIA is the leading airline of Pakistan but for a couple of months, it has been in hot water due to different reasons. Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Mian Saqib Nisar asked for an investigation into not just PIA’s CEO’s appointment but also on the Air Safari project initiated by PIA, ever-increasing fares of PIA local flights and the usage of Markhor logo. Thus PIA Pakistan International Airlines decided to suspend its Air Safari service. 

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