PIA’s Gilgit-bound flight diverted back to the Islamabad airport


A flight of the national airline of Pakistan had to fly back to the Islamabad airport after it was denied permission to land at the Gilgit airport due to the strong winds on Friday morning.

According to the details, the Pakistan International Airline’s PK-605 took off from the Islamabad International Airport and supposed the land at the Gilgit airport.

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The details said that as the PIA’s flight entered the Gilgit airspace, the pilot of the aircraft contacted the officials of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and asked for permission to make a landing, which was denied due to the strong winds.

The plane, therefore, was diverted back to the airport it departed from due to the bad weather condition.

Last month, a flight of the Pakistan International Airlines PK-8303 had crashed in Model Colony near the Jinnah International Airport in Sindh’s capital Karachi. According to the details of the incident, just two passengers of the flight had miraculously survived out of the 99 onboard.

Back on June 24, the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan had presented an inquiry report of the PIA’s plane crash in the National Assembly of Pakistan, holding the pilot and co-pilot of the ill-fated aircraft as well as the officials of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) responsible for the tragedy.

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