PIA’s flight operations halted due to non-supply of fuel


Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flight operations have halted due to the non-supply of fuel. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) suspended the oil supply of PIA that has caused a disturbance in its flight operation at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The fuel supply has been halted by PSO because of the non-payment of impending dues by PIA. Thus, PIA’s flight PK-305 from Lahore to Karachi and PK-652 from Lahore to Islamabad have been canceled.

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According to the PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar the flights were halted due to the non-provision of oil. He said that both organizations are holding talks to resolve this issue.

This is the second time in one year that PSO has suspended oil supply to PIA.  Earlier in Nov 2018, PSO suspended the oil supply of PIA after it failed to clear its dues. Due to this many flights at Lahore and Karachi airports were canceled.

This caused huge trouble to passengers and financially affected the national airline. Later, the supplies were resumed after the federal government intervened.

PIA consumes Rs. 340 million worth of fuel on a daily basis as per the PSO sources. The total debt of the airline to PSO amounts to Rs. 17 billion.

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