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PIA’s Blunder – Upside down Entertainment Screens

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is again in headlines. And, yes you guessed it right; it’s not for any good reason. Few images were revealed on an aviation related Facebook page showing the PIA IFE screens (In-Flight Entertainment screens) in which the content was titled upside down.

It must be noted here that the images were from PIA flight PK757 travelling to London Heathrow from Lahore. These IFE screens are part of the Boeing 777 aircraft seats, as per the reports.

Even though funds have been given to PIA time & again, no practical progress is seen in this regard. Supplementary grants were approved for PIA in every Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting. Despite this the passenger experience has not improved.

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PIA management did take funds to refurbish and install modern In-Flight Entertainment screens. Therefore, even though, sufficient funds have been given to PIA, the service quality remains below average.

According to many people this is a minor issue and it will be resolved quite easily. It is not clear whether IFE is to be blamed over here or it is the negligence of the PIA staff. Undoubtedly, PIA staff should have been more responsible regarding this whole incident.

The IFE service holds high significance in the passenger service. It is a basic necessity, thus it is important that more attention is given on such matters as people always have a choice to chose some other airline.